The causes of body cramps and their prevention

The causes of body cramps and their prevention

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Causes of muscle cramps

Muscle cramps occur when the muscle becomes spasmodic and stays there. This condition is caused by any factor involved in muscle contraction or elasticity. The brain sends messages to the muscles through the nerves. When signals from the nerves reach the muscles, a series of processes related to the movement of minerals in and out of the muscle leads to muscle contraction.
The electrical current is due to the difference in the concentration of minerals on both sides of the cell membrane. In the human body, each mineral has one or two electric charges. , Electricity flows through the muscle. Sodium and calcium are initially outside the muscle cells, and potassium is inside these cells.
When the message reaches the brain from the brain, calcium moves inside the muscle cells and potassium exits them. This results in an electrical activity throughout the muscle that also causes muscle contraction. Then, when the electrical loads are balanced, the muscle relaxes. It is oxygen to decompose these substances. Adequate concentrations of cellular minerals are also required. Regardless of the triggering factor, the treatment of cramps is the same. Such a muscle should be stretched with one hand and massaged with the other hand.
The causes of muscle cramps
Overuse of muscles, dehydration, muscle strain or being in a particular position for too long can all cause muscle cramps. As a result, athletes who are tired after exercise, especially in hot climates and dehydrated, will usually experience such conditions. Another common type of muscle cramps is a condition that occurs during the night and involves most of the leg and finger muscles. However, in most cases the underlying cause of muscle cramps is unclear. Muscle cramps often do not pose a problem, but in some cases, certain conditions and conditions can cause this condition. Muscle cramps can also be part of thyroid, kidney, nervous, hormonal, diabetes and anemia disorders.
Improvement and prevention
If you have such a problem, you can improve it and take better care of yourself with specific actions. Under these conditions, stretch the injured muscle and gently rub it to relax. Therefore, gentle and gentle stretching and massage can help you in this situation. You can also use heat or cold under these conditions. For example, warm baths or a warm water bath or ice packs can help relax the muscle. To prevent this, it is best to be careful that your body is not dehydrated. For this reason, drink plenty of water every day and do this at regular intervals to avoid any problems. Be sure to stretch your muscles slowly before and after each exercise. If you have this condition during sleep, do these stretches before going to bed. Pre-bedtime light exercise can also be helpful in preventing this condition

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