Types of muscle cramps

Types of muscle cramps

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Muscle cramps during exercise

Muscle cramps during exercise
This problem is usually caused by an imbalance of minerals, such as: Decreasing or increasing calcium, sodium, or potassium. Abnormal amounts of these substances in the blood lead to muscle contraction and prevent it from returning to its original state. A blood test is performed to detect abnormal amounts of these substances. The cramps that occur at the start of exercise can be due to hypothyroidism or lack of muscle ability to break down sugar. A blood adrenaline test is performed to check thyroid function. Muscle biopsy can also be used to determine muscle function
Abnormal amounts of minerals are usually a sign of a disease in the body. Low potassium levels can be due to vomiting, consumption of steroids and sweeteners, diarrhea, or diseases that affect potassium uptake and maintenance. If diagnosed with magnesium deficiency, be sure to He did a thorough investigation into the cause of the defect. There is never too much or too much calcium in the blood.
Abnormal calcium in the body should be suspected of diseases of the intestine, kidney or parathyroid glands. Abnormal amounts of vitamin D can also be found. Low salt (sodium) in the blood is one of the causes of rare muscle cramps. A daily diet plan contains enough salt and there is little chance that a person will have sodium deficiency.
For example: If you exercise heavily for several hours in warm weather, you need 5 mg of salt. If a person refuses to add salt while eating, his or her food is saltless. However, her salt intake is 5 mg daily.
Muscle cramps at the beginning of muscle activity
An important reason in this case is inadequate blood flow to the muscle. At rest, the diameter of the arteries is sufficient to supply sufficient blood to the muscles. During exercise, muscles need more blood peroxide. If the diameter of the arteries is not sufficient to reach this amount of blood, the muscle becomes clogged due to lack of oxygen.
Muscle cramps after vigorous exercise
Loss of body dehydration is the most important cause of such cramps. In long-term activity, a large amount of fluid is removed from the body in warm weather. As a result, the working muscles receive enough blood and move to spasms. Drinking water before exercise and every 5 minutes during exercise can prevent such cramps.
Muscle cramps during sleep
Muscle cramps during sleep are usually caused by compression of a specific nerve or musculoskeletal reflex. The muscle corresponding to it extends. At this point, the muscle will contract just like when the message is coming from the brain. The second cause of this is the exacerbation of a natural reflex in the body. This will cause the tendons to stretch to the muscle. Feeling painful. This can be prevented by stretching the muscles that usually get cramped before bed.
Translations of muscle
muscle, thews
muscle, brawn, torus
نیروی عضلانی
brawn, muscle, thews
صدف دو کپهای
muscle, mussel
پولک پولادین زره
صدف باریک دریایی و رودخانهای
mussel, muscle
بزور وارد شدن
Definitions of muscle
a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body.
The processes that bring about movement of the voluntary muscles of the body start on the surface of the brain in an area called the motor cortex.
physical power; strength.
A matter of a difference in opinion should not be settled with muscle rather than the brain.
move (an object) in a particular direction by using one's physical strength.
He muscles the log toward the opposite bank, crouches atop a slick boulder, and steadies the log.
Synonyms of muscle
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